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single person holidays

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Every two years , I spent Christmas alone in my little house in the suburbs. I am divorced , no children , and all members of my family live in another part of the country. Some time ago single person holidays, I fell into the habit of taking the plane to join them only every second Christmas , and I took my years in haste "Alone" .

I'm not a social recluse , but I discovered through trial and error , how to enjoy the holidays as a single woman alone.
single person holidays
1. Learning to be alone at Christmas is not a tragedy. The first year I did it, the situation did not feel strange, because people react with concern if it appears in the conversation you will be in your account. But the reality is that it is not as difficult as others think single person holidays, especially if you're used to living alone .

Two . Recognize that it is an "off " , not a single day. Enjoy all the season has to offer . When it comes to a year that I know I will be alone at home, I like to wear to the office before the holidays / personal holidays : Christmas musicsingle person holidays, while shopping , or gifts packing and sending letters , notes or e-mail greetings .

Three . You need to decorate your home . Establish a tree. Go further and put special candles , potpourri , tablecloths , napkins , fingers, etc.single person holidays make festive atmosphere.

April . Plan special meals for you. I plan and buy my Christmas holidays, and I make sure that :

* Bacon for breakfast (one seasonal treat for me) single person holidays;

* Tangerines and chocolates set in glass bowls ;

* And on Christmas Eve , including a stuffed turkey breast , mashed potatoes , juice, crusty bread , vegetables and a special salad that I love and I just do my own Christmas tradition .
single person holidays
Plan your own snacks and meals that feel " Christmasey " for you.

May . Recognize that you really do not need to spend "Christmas" alone, even if you are alone on December 25 In the past , I have :single person holidays

* Scheduled an "open house " for friends before the big day single person holidays;

* Evaluation of other "unique" for Christmas dinner ;

* Volunteers on December 25 to a local soup kitchen ;single person holidays

* We accept invitations for a Christmas lunch at a friend's house .

June . Take care of yourself. Take a walk and enjoy the lights in the area. Relax with a good book or movie . Spend your vacation time to participate in hobbies .single person holidays

July . Spread the love . Attend a religious service or volunteer at a soup kitchen is a great way to connect spiritually with others. Or fill your heart with joy and count your blessings . Reach out to friends and family with phone calls and warm holiday greetings .

The key is to plan your vacation to one, with a lot of self -esteem . Decorate , celebrate and give thanks for all the good things in your life .